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Safety Shields

We manufacture custom plastic machine guards and safety shields for almost any application or piece of equipment. Most machine guards are made from polycarbonate (also known as Lexan) but we can also make them from Acrylic or any other plastic we stock.

Need to replace a damaged machine guard?? No problem, Custom Plastics and More can build just one guard or high volume runs! Our super strong machine guards and safety shields will prevent injuries and save you.

Sometimes called or used as a “sneeze-guard” safety shields do much more than protect sandwich items from the sneezes of the patrons. Safety shields can protect any and all airborne, liquid, or even solid pathogens from reaching whatever is that you want to protect. Custom Plastics and More will custom build your safety shields to protect whatever you want to protect from whatever you want to protect it from.

Safety shields can come in all shapes, sizes, clarity, and in any kind of footing or mounting bracket. They can be as small as an adjustable 3x3 inch shield mounted on a grinding wheel or industrial sander or as big as an entire buffet counter or protective enclosure!

The biomedical fields are one industry in which safety shields are required to provide the most protective barrier between lab personnel and hazardous materials. At Custom Plastics and More we are able to customize a wide range of safety shield styles and designs for each workplace requirements. Deep base shields provide a large work equipment and other accessories. Slim-line profile shields enable the technicians to reach around the shield and allow easy access to the work materials.

Some of the safety shields we can create include:

Fume Hoods
Dry Boxes
Draft Shields
Safety Shields
Safety Guards
Transparent Vessels
Storage Units
Instrument Enclosures
Splash Shields
Security Windows
Equipment Guards & Shields

Regardless of the size, shape, function, or reason you are looking for safety shields, Custom Plastics and More will customize exactly what you need for exactly what you want, to be used exactly where you want it! And even better, you can get your company’s logo, or a custom design scribed onto the surface your safety shields!

At Custom Plastics and More, your safety shields are made SPECIFICALLY for you, your business, and whatever it is you desire to protect.

Learn about our how our safety shields help with OSHA compliance.