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Power Generation

We at Custom Plastics and More have seen the use of plastics in the manufacture of components and parts for power generation equipment has expanded with the development of new composites and engineered plastics. Plastics can provide superior insulation, moisture and corrosion resistance, arc and flame resistance, and high wear performance. This makes them ideal materials for use in power generation equipment. New composites and engineered materials provide increased strength without corresponding increases in weight and increased vibration resistance.

These advanced plastics are ideal for use in alternative energy applications such as:

Wind and tide turbines
Hydroelectric equipment
Thermoelectric equipment
Nuclear equipment

As a result, the use of plastics in power generation equipment is for components as diverse as safety shields, custom insulators, equipment guards, and turbine or windmill blades. Custom Plastics and More can be your provider for machined plastics to the power generation and transmission industries.

Custom Plastics and More offers custom manufacturing services and can manufacture your plastic part or component in our fully equipped machine and fabrication shop. We manufacture only plastic parts and have the expertise to manufacture the large parts required for new, emerging applications.