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OSHA Manufacturing Safety

OSHA is cracking down on safety violations in your industry! Don’t get caught red handed without a safety shield! Custom Plastics and More can help with your OSHA Compliance goals. Contact us today!

Every year, the severity of OSHA Manufacturing Safety violations tends to increase. In the Food Manufacturing Industry alone, Machinery and Machine Guarding fines are the 2nd most costly amongst all OSHA citation categories. Regardless of the total number of citations handed out by OSHA inspectors, the total cost of fines levied continues to rise. Even in years when the total number of violations cited drops slightly, the total cost to business owners goes up. So, what does that mean to industrial and commercial business owners like yourself? Simply put, it means that for every month you spend in a state of non-compliance with OSHA standards, you put your employees, your operations, and your very livelihood at risk. And if you think that your manufacturing facility is devoid of OSHA violations, and costly fines, you are sadly mistaken.

For instance, the biggest fine issued by OSHA in 2015 was to Ashley Furniture, based out of Whitehall and Arcadia, Wisconsin. The “final straw” for OSHA inspectors was an issue regarding Ashley Furniture’s failure to protect workers from moving machine parts. An estimated 1,000 recorded work-related injuries occurred over a 3.5-year span at Ashley’s Wisconsin manufacturing facilities, and several compliance warnings were issued by OSHA Safety Regulators. So what was the total cost in fines levied on Ashley Furniture in 2015? Get ready for this. The issued fines came to the total amount of well over $2 Million Dollars! $2,280,200 was the exact dollar amount of fines that OSHA dropped on Ashley Furniture in 2015 for their refusal to comply with OSHA’s Manufacturing Safety regulations. Could your company survive such a steep price? Even more importantly, could your company’s reputation survive that much negative press? Doubtful. For a company that at one time was the #1 home furniture retailer in North America, Ashley Furniture has taken major hits, both in monetary fines, as well as reputational damage.

And to think, Ashley Furniture could have avoided these huge fines & lofty litigation costs, as well as HUGE damage to their National and Global reputation, if they had only complied with the official safety regulations. With one call to a company who specializes in manufacturing custom OSHA Manufacturing Safety Guards and other Equipment Guards, Safety Shields, and even Dust Guards, over 1,000 people might not have been hurt, and Ashley Furniture could have focused on the future of their company instead of desperately trying to escape their past. Custom Plastics and More is a company you can trust to manufacture specialized, customized safety shields and safety guards for your manufacturing facility, industrial warehouse, commercial restaurant, or any other business that needs OSHA safety compliant guards and shields. Save yourself the hassle and worry, and just call or contact your friends at Custom Plastics and More today! We help you get OSHA compliant, and create a safer, happier workplace for yourself, your employees and your business.

The latest OSHA guidelines call for quite a variety of Machine Guarding safety measures. Custom Plastics and More can help with a wide variety of these compliances, including but not limited to:

Foot-Operated Switches must be guarded or arranged to prevent accidental activation
Machinery guards must be secure, and arranged so they do not cause hazardous conditions
Guards must be in place to protect employees from machinery that is cleaned with compressed air
Moving chains and gears must be properly guarded
Revolving drums, barrels, and containers are required to be guarded by enclosures
Fan blades must have specific guards in place when operating within 7 feet of the floor
Splash guards must be mounted on machines that use coolant, to prevent spewing on employees
Revolving drums, barrels, and containers that are required to be guarded must have automatic disabling mechanisms if guards are not in place.
Saws used for ripping must be equipped with anti-kick back devices and spreaders

For assistance in complying with these types of guards, and a whole host of other OSHA regulations, you can’t afford to look anywhere else than Custom Plastics and More. We can help you escape fines, penalties, and hazardous work environments! Call or contact our experts today, and see what we can do for your business!