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Machine Guards

Custom Plastics and More manufactures custom machine guards which are designed to maintain hygiene and worker safety. Our custom machine guards are generally used on manufacturing lines and help to comply with health and safety regulations.

Our custom plastic machine guards are often manufactured from clear plastic or polycarbonate which offers the high impact strength required as well as optical clarity required to safely operate the equipment. Our plastic guards are approved for food contact. We can also create custom clear PVC guards for improved chemical resistance.

We recognize that your custom machinery often needs to perform in extreme industrial environments and that the materials used must be:

Easy to fabricate

Our custom plastics can be used for a wide range of machinery applications including:

Guards and safety shields
Structural parts
Electrical insulators
Site glass covers

Custom Plastics and More manufacture machine guards using our own fabrication shop. We have the capability to fabricate, form, bend, weld, bond and polish and can manufacture from simple to complex designs. Our custom machine guards can be manufactured from existing samples or drawings. If you are unable to provide us with drawings or samples, we can also visit your site or facility to take all the necessary measurements and specifications required.

Learn about our how our machine guards help with OSHA compliance.