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Equipment Guards

While manufacturing has made great changes over the past 25 years when it comes to employee safety, there are still too many industrial accidents involving machinery. This is where custom plastic equipment guards from Custom Plastics and More can reduce danger and liability, by covering exposed machine parts which present a hazard to workers and visitors.


One of the services, we at Custom Plastics and More, can provide is manufactured custom equipment guards to match even the most obscure machinery and to your specifications. Most companies using heavy machinery have at least one machine that, because of it’s unique use or function needs a custom equipment guard. Customization is also great if your equipment presents a problem in one working environment, which it might not present in others. And it can also allow the guarding to have features like viewing windows, which not everybody needs.

Weatherproof and Resilient

Often our clients feel that their equipment was built with “perfect conditions” in mind, and operate less effectively when unprotected from inclement weather. Custom equipment guards created by Custom Plastics and More are built to withstand all weather, and are very tough when it comes to resisting accidental impact.

So why should you consider using Custom Plastics and More’s custom equipment guards?

Our custom equipment guards are not simply for safety compliance, but they also create effective accident prevention and quality of work initiatives for your employees. Too many people each year suffer preventable industrial accidents by getting their clothing caught in a belt, or putting their hands somewhere they shouldn’t. And in nearly all cases, there’s no compelling reason for the dangerous equipment to be exposed. Our custom equipment guards are also a low-cost solution when you take into account how much an employee accident can cost a business.

Why Use Plastic?

Metal equipment guards have been the traditional way to protect your employees and industrial equipment, but they are expensive to manufacture and much heavier to handle. Here are some advantages for choosing our plastic equipment guards:

Plastic will not rust
Plastic guards are flexible and absorb impact
Plastic is customizable at much less cost than metal machine guards
Plastic is lighter than metal machine guards allows for easy installation and handling
Plastic guards don’t use rivets or split seams
Plastic is more sound dampening than metal guarding
Learn about our how our equipment guards help with OSHA compliance.