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Custom Engineering

As your custom plastics engineering department, we have complete CAD/CAM abilities to take the design goals you have to take your CAD file (or to create one for you) and turn it into a prototype for your evaluation and approval. From that point, Custom Plastic and More will select the most effective manufacturing process and materials to use in producing your design.

From plastics selection to custom design and prototype to production, Custom Plastics and More will be your partner from the first prototype to final production. As your custom engineering source, our technical experts are ready to help you with:

Plastics selection for your specific application
Design assistance in the geometry and function of your design
Prototypes; to your specifications, for testing purposes
Manufacturing and fabrication of your custom plastic components

Whether our custom engineers are assisting you with your custom plastics or a member of our technical team is visiting your place of business, Custom Plastics and More provides a comprehensive set of services and product solutions.

The manufacturing of custom plastics to precise customer specifications is one of our core competencies at Custom Plastics and More. From hand-finished prototypes to long-run production—we do it all. We can work from napkin drawings to blueprints, producing your custom plastic components ready for shipment. Custom Plastics and More can go from prototype to full production quickly. We have invested in quality equipment for exacting tolerance control in today's zero-defect environment. Our production workers, staff, and management are all consistently training and developing fresh concepts. This means your order is shipped accurately and on-time. Every customer and project is important to us.

When it comes to creating and manufacturing complex, groundbreaking acrylic structures, our engineering team is not easily matched. We continue to invest in our design and engineering capabilities in order to save our valued customers time and money. Further benefits of partnering with Custom Plastics and More for your design and development needs include:

Proactive maintenance and upkeep of machinery
Comprehensive plastics review & selection
Necessary engineering software that works for you
Rapid prototyping capabilities
Project management process