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Atlanta Plaques

We think that for versatility, using acrylic, plastic, and Plexiglas Atlanta plaques is one of the best ways to promote and professionally display your corporate logo and brand. The high-impact glossy surface will add an extra touch of elegance and pop to your corporate logo. You can use them in distinctive and unique display options too. Try attracting street traffic with your restaurant logo and name by mounting it directly on the wall next to your front door, having navigational signs cut to the shape of your logo, mounting acrylic letters behind your reception desk, or getting beveled edges to put the perfect finishing touch on your personalized sign.

An acrylic Atlanta plaque is a superior alternative to traditional wood or marble. Custom plastic can be shaped into a variety of forms, and you can further promote your brand by creating custom promotional items shaped like your products.

Plastic plaques can be designed and finished in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. The most common styles are clear rectangular, star shapes, circles, and pyramids. These are often engraved—using our CNC router—with your corporate logo and personalized with the name of the recipient. They can also be used in awards ceremonies to celebrate your team’s accomplishments.

Custom Plastics can design and create personalized desk name plates, adding a level of professionalism to a business and dressing up your employee’s work area. We have a wide range colors and styles available for desk plates. We make it easy to create a cohesive office, while communicating to clients and customers exactly who you are and what you do. This can be especially important in any type of service business, but should be used for any type of corporate setting.

Custom plastic signs from Custom Plastics and More are extremely affordable, yet highly durable and professional in appearance and quality. You can use them as business solutions inside your offices, retail stores, as hanging signs, promotional signs, sale signs, directional signs, point-of-purchase signs, identification signs, high-end trade show signs, interior signage, exterior signage, or anywhere you need a message professionally displayed. Here are some reasons we love custom plastic signs:

Clear Acrylic is a UV stable, highly durable, outdoor plastic sign material
Material is completely waterproof
Clear acrylic sign material is available up to 1" thick
Plastic signs will last indefinitely indoors
The acrylic sign surface has a rich, high gloss appearance
High tolerance for cold and hot weather temperature extremes
Small acrylic walls signs come standard in 1/8" thickness
Medium size acrylic plastic signs are usually 3/16" thick
Acrylic wall signs can also come in matte finishes
Easy to display and mount