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Prototype Development

We at Custom Plastics and More value our customers and their ideas. No matter how simple, intricate, large or small your design, we will work hard to exceed your every expectation. Discussing project goals and expectations is one of the necessary steps before productions begins. We spend a significant amount of time with each customer evaluating their needs and specifications.

Custom Plastics and More also offers prototypes and samples if necessary. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers by investing time and resources into our product and process development phase of each project. When we actually begin the manufacturing process, the outcome is guaranteed to be successful because of all of the pre-planning that was put into understanding your product’s specifications.

We understand that the success of any custom plastic product relies on an efficient design. The material selection and the ability to economically manufacture the plastic is a vital part of how the part is designed. Custom Plastic and More's manufacturing expertise and knowledge of plastics allows us to offer valuable assistance to satisfy your design criteria to increase the efficiency of all factors involved.

Here at Custom Plastics and More plastic fabrication is our only focus. Using the latest CNC machining technology; matching it with the latest plastic machining equipment available and more than 30 years of plastic machining experience, we are able to scale our processes from a simple, one-time, prototype to the most challenging, large-scale, custom plastic order.

Consider the advantages of choosing Custom Plastics and More when sourcing precision machined prototypes and samples.

We offer:

Plastic design knowledge and expertise
Stress relieving capabilities
Knowledge in material selection, sources, and cost
Avoidance of stress cracking and crazing from improper tooling or machining rates
Excellence in burr control during the machining process
Proprietary techniques to machine plastics to close tolerances
Superior surface finish capabilities
Facilities to properly clean and package components for shipment