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Custom Awards

At Custom Plastics and More we understand that there is no better way to celebrate an accomplishment than by presenting them with a custom award or trophy that captures the event for a lifetime. Whether for a winning team, scholastic accomplishment, or other special occasions, our custom acrylic awards can go a long way.

We specialize in acrylic awards, amenity trays, presentation trays, signs, and acrylic products for special occasions. Our manufacturing facility is set-up for plastic fabrication, so if you require anything produced from plastics or acrylics, you've come to the right place!

If you are planning to celebrate a significant business milestone or accomplishment for your business then consider something special – a custom acrylic or plastic award fabricated by Custom Plastics and More. Your acrylic award(s) can be custom created from acrylic blocks or sheets, and can be designed in most reasonable shapes or sizes. It can have your logo etched into it, mounted on a stand, and can be created with various colors custom applied.

We specialize in creating the EXACT acrylic corporate awards, acrylic tournament awards, acrylic employee awards, acrylic sports awards, and acrylic appreciation awards that you desire - a special gift or award that leaves a lasting impression.

Our awards are generally created from 1" clear acrylic and are often stable enough to stand without bases. If you prefer the look of a base, we can create the awards from ¼" clear acrylic and attach them to a base. The color detail on all awards is CNC engraved into the back surface of the acrylic, and then color-filled.

All of our awards are hand-crafted, one by one. Throughout this process, our pieces go through in-depth inspections at each and every step. The entire production process is labor-intensive but we do not take short-cuts on creating the perfect awards for you. Our process often involves:

Plastic machining and routing
Expert plastic polishing
CNC plastic milling
Acrylic heating and bending
Colored acrylic laminated to clear acrylic

When you decide to use Custom Plastics and More for your custom awards needs, you’re getting the very best in Atlanta custom awards! So give us a call, contact us through our website, or simply drop by and be one step closer to meeting your custom awards needs!