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CNC Routing

At Custom Plastics and More, we are proud of our ability to deliver custom plastic components machined to your exacting standards. We use state-of-the-art CNC equipment and our expert machinists are experienced at crafting parts that fit tight tolerance specifications and are consistently produced, even in large quantities. Our CNC router is cost-effective and no job is too big or too small.

When you choose to work with Custom Plastics and More for your CNC Routing needs, you get the best of the best in machinery, programming, experience, customer service, and pricing! Why would you take your CNC routing needs anywhere else?

Our CNC plastic routers make it possible to guarantee high-speed automated routing of all types of plastics, and we can cut plastics to meet any design requirements–from simple cuts to complex shapes. We offer many different types of CNC machining processes including: 3-dimensional machining and large-capacity machining for larger parts. In addition, our machining department is equipped with a range of capabilities including CAD design, CAM programming and 3D programing.

Our CNC plastic machining equipment can process a wide range of components from micro turning to large-scale routing. Custom Plastics and More CNC machines can complete many components with fewer setups and more efficient cycle times than traditional production methods. The best and most consistent components in precision plastic machining are produced at Custom Plastics and More production shop in Douglasville, Georgia.

Our plastic CNC routing service can process almost any type of plastic including polycarbonate, PEEK, UHMW, Kynar, acrylic, nylon, acetyl polypropylene, CPVC, and PVC. We have more than three decades experience in producing quality components for companies in a variety of industries. Our products meet high industry standards and are ISO and SAE compliant. We invite you to inquire about our superior plastic CNC routing or any of our secondary services, including assembly, CAD/CAM manipulation, process development, and design assistance.

Our plastic machining capabilities and benefits include:

Many Materials in Stock
Computerized Machinery
Produce Parts from All Types of Plastics
Custom Parts Made from Samples, Prints, or Sketches
Complete CNC Machining Facilities
Post Machining Inspection
Precision Plastic Components, Custom-Machined to Your Specifications

Machining software for CNC projects is constantly evolving and improving. CNC routing can be a very efficient process, when the right machining software is combined with the right CNC routing machinery and the right person conducting the CNC routing project! Without these things, it could easily be a disaster. The great thing about letting Custom Plastics and More handle your CNC routing projects is that we treat you as if you were our only customer and your project as if it were our only task.

We offer your CNC routing project at a fair price, up front, with no haggling. Our service is paramount. Our quality is unparalleled. Custom Plastics and More for all of your CNC routing needs.