3D printing

3D Printing

3D Printing. Additive Manufacturing. 3D Modeling. Layered Modeling. 3D Scanners. Custom Plastics and More can utilize all these innovations to take your 3D model or electronic data source, and “magically” turn your digital object into a real, tangible, exact replica you can hold in your hand. Unbelievable! But perhaps even more unbelievable is the fact that beta-prototypes of this technology existed way back in 1984? That’s 7 years before the technology of Digital Printing came around! So what took 3D Printing so long to really hit the mainstream?

Two words: Supply & Demand

That directly increases the demand for 3D Printing. And just like with all our most innovative technologies, Custom Plastic and More is willing and able to match that demand with amazing supply capabilities for all clients who have decided that 3D Printing would take their next project to a brave new level.

When technological sophistication and consumer viability intersect, you can almost guarantee that Custom Plastics and More, your local Metro Atlanta custom plastic solutions partner, will be right there. We take great pride in not only our innovative technological capabilities, but in our willingness to offer the most viable custom plastic solutions to our most valuable residential and commercial clients. Recent developments have heightened the awareness, desire, and ability to utilize 3D Scanning for custom output.

What better way to wow YOUR next client than handing them a tangible, fully-scaled model of the prototype they just saw in your digital presentation? The virtual design world and the custom output manufacturing world have truly collided in a brilliant explosion with the advances of modern 3D Printing technology. Fully compliant with all ASTM standards of classification, our custom 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing capabilities are as mind-blowing as you’d expect them to be. If you’re unsure whether or not you need 3D Printing, or whether CNC routing might be a better route for mass production, your friends at Custom Plastics and More are firmly on your side, and in your corner. We take a case-by-case, client-by-client approach to every project. When you choose to utilize Custom Plastics & More for your next 3D Printing project, or any other 3 Dimensional custom output project, you get amazing innovation that is custom-made for each and every client.

3D Printing is no longer the future of custom fabrication. 3D Printing is HERE! And the more viable the technology becomes for creating digital representations of 3 Dimensional objects, the more people will entertain the notion of 3 Dimensional output. The future is here, today, at Custom Plastics and More. Call, contact, or come by today, and see what 3D Printing, or see what any of our custom plastic fabrication services can do for you!